Governed by gas fees?!

How Ilunafriq Sees Past Market Fluctuations and High Costs That May Price Out The Newcomer In The Digital Art World

Unsurprisingly, many artists struggle. 

With art being a solitary pastime, indulging in the craft is an easy way to whittle away the hours in a flow state, oblivious to whatever may be happening in the world. 

Immersed in art, other adulting-based responsibilities, such as going to work and getting a “real job”, can seem to matter less. 

Your vocation into your vacation? Are you having fun into having fun and getting paid? Wouldn’t it be more manageable if you could turn your passion into profit?

If you feel like you’ve been suffering at the hands of Solana or getting beaten by Bitcoin, this latest development in the world of digital art may well be the solution you’ve been seeking.

Allow me to explain. 

Full integration and cross-platform cohesion mean it doesn’t matter which of the big marketplaces you’ve been minting with until now. No matter what stage you are in the creation process, you’ll be able to pool your work from various platforms into a single gallery and showcase your work for all to enjoy and appreciate.

Get more eyes & exposure on your digital artwork.

This alone can be the feedback loop, data and metrics you need to see how popular a series or collection could be (even before minting).

Validate your ideas early on and generate pre-launch interest and sales for your art.

This is a super helpful feature, as you could shorten the time-to-market and test out concepts before spending too much time on them. Plus, you create buzz before and after your drop, igniting a slew of bids and the potential for the highest earnings you can achieve for that particular art piece.

When looking at the markets for what could work, valuable insights can make or break an idea early on.

Hosting your creations in one place, therefore, makes complete sense. 

Potential collectors and fellow enthusiasts can see what you’re working on. If they enjoy your work, browsing the rest of it in one place makes it easier for them to accurately grasp your style, depth, longevity, perspective, and body of work. It also builds trust in you as the artist – you’re a living, breathing person, not a scam. 

Additionally, by pooling your art, you can share it seamlessly across the web, making it easier for your recipient to efficiently view your entire body of work without having to navigate to various websites. 

On the right platform, you don’t need a large following to get noticed, and you can get valuable clicks to your studio space and social links, or even just engagement on your posts. 

It all helps!

When you’re just starting, having limited reach can be a deterrent to doing art full time, leading to many talented artists sidelining their passion in replacement of a soulless job just to cover the bills. 

Currently, the standard procedure to mint your NFTs incurs a gas fee; there’s nothing we can do about that…..yet. 

But with the option to get fresh eyes on your creations and to put your art in front of the right people more often, you’ll be able to find out where to invest your time and resources more efficiently – – into collections or 1/1s worth minting; ultimately saving you and your audience time and crypto in the process. 

It’s a big step to transition from full-time employee to full-time artist, supported by the funds generated from your ideas and creativity. We hope Ilunafriq enables you do this painlessly. 

Pursue your passion and make the world a better place, one pixel at a time. You’ll have the opportunity for extra exposure and to be featured on our social media channels. 

If you’d like to learn more about getting involved and showcasing your artwork through our platform, simply head to

See you there!